Md Wahiduzzaman Bhuian
Visual Artist

The images that I draw are mainly influenced by my immediate surroundings, each fragment of my drawing comprise a single story while, the sequencing of many stories together then creates another visual narrative, which I mostly practice in my bigger scale works. I try to address various subjects like humanity, human rights, corruption, political oppression and differentiation of socio-economic classes, through my art practice. My inspiration comes from the visible and the invisible elements that revolve around me.

By ‘Visible’, I mean the things, I see directly, the highest power of our observance. When I use the term ‘invisible’, It means the elements that I do not see or hear directly by myself. For example, I can only use my imagination to feel the main context of literature in history, poetry and everyday news from different parts of the world through television, newspapers, books and other media platforms.

Boxer, woodcut, 40x58cm,2024

Still image_MY COVID-19 story_2024

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

‘Time’ three hundred drawing wall installation, 2020, Ink on paper, 10X16cm Each

This is a small piece from the animations I have been working on. It is not the final result but more like a sample of what I am doing currently. This particular stop motion was done during the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, when there was also worldwide lockdown, and the only updates we could get was through social media and news sources. This work is in response to some of the news which broke out during the time, the limited inspirations I could have being in a four walled enclosed space with my laptop as a major tool.


Booster dose

“North Korea media silent on kim jong un’s whereabouts”

Motion picture, 2022, Serigraphy on canvas,183x305cm

Twenty-four Seven,2019, Lithography on paper, 90x240cm

Smoking Game, 2019, Lithography, 70x95cm

Don’t’, 2020, Serigraphy on canvas, 150x220cm

Two parts of Land, 2018, Lithography, 49x70cm